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Thank you for choosing Muscles Relax Massage Therapy as your wellness expert. Be excited that you've taken the first steps to improving your health today in order to combat the stressors of tomorrow.

We invite you to schedule a licensed massage therapist to come directly to YOU - our mobile service provides a secure, personal, in-home therapy session with your professional LMT. We bring the comfort and convenience to you, our valued client. Every service includes using premium Organic Hypo-Allergenic massage & body creams, mood enhancing Aromatherapy Essential Oils, and optional localized Heat Therapy for a more beneficial therapeutic experience at no additional cost to you!

Muscles Relax is also proud to work with Preferred Apartment Communities, INC., as their personal on-site therapist for all the residents of Crosstown Walk & Overlook at Crosstown Walk private home community located inside the SPA room amenity. Don't forget to ask about our special residential rates!*

Let us help you:

  • RELAX ~  Permission to release tension in the body and anxiety of the mind.  
  • RENEW ~  Allowing the body to continue functioning in a healthy flexible state.   
  • REVITALIZE ~ Imbuing the spirit & mind to its youthful state of vitality. 
  • RESTORE ~ Balancing the mind, body, and spirit to begin the healing process. 

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Good health to you,
Owner - Pichai Chudhabuddhi Jr.

LMT #MA65690

Office: (813) 563-5428

*Proof of address required to receive special residential rates.