Muscles Relax Massage Therapy, Inc.
Relax ~ Renew ~ Revitalize ~ Restore

About the Practitioner

Pichai Chudhabuddhi

License: Massage, FL #MA65690

Sanford-Brown Institute Tampa, FL 2010 720+hrs

Massage Therapy is just the beginning...

Healing others thru the Art of Touch Therapy has always been a passion of mine since I was very young. I've been practicing massage therapy since 2009 and it has continued to become a true passion of mine. I challenge myself to actively continue learning advanced procedures and offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual's therapeutic needs. 

I enjoy studying natural (alternative) medicine while promoting an active and holistic lifestyle because I believe this is the secret to our longevity. Our bodies naturally heal from the inside out and understanding how we are affected by the powers of the NEGATIVE (stress, bad diet, pain, suffering, illness, etc.) and POSITIVE (healthy, meditative state, holistic, balanced, organic diet, etc.) energies in this world can bring us closer to a more harmonious state of being.